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Modern Wonders of India

Modern Wonders of India

Ramoji Film City 1996 To Present Day
Various Designers Hydrabad Last year.
Ramoji Film City was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as Eath's Biggest Movie - Studio Complex. Now 10 years old, the site have growing over the years and spans 1666 acres to house 47 sound stages. A shopping 40 Bollywood (Bombay) film can be made simultaneously at Ramoji.

Environmental Township Pune
To be completed by 2016
Chris Lee Architects/Kapil Gupta
This Approved urvan plan for a "green" township features buildings oriented to minimize sun exposure-and air conditioning bills. Half of the roofs will be equipped with sloar panels. The township's 15000 resisdents will be encouraged to walk in a pedestrian-friendly street layout, to cut down on carbon emissions and promote health.

SD Tower
To be completed 2007
Arup and Hafeez Contractor Bombay
These 60-story twins will be India's Highest-reaching residential tower. But Mumbai (Bombay) is prone to humidity, heat, intense wind pressure, and heavy rains, Arup's Engineers Designed a facade with extra-sturdy aluminum extrusions to protect the buildings. The abundance of glass windows also provides natural light for the apartments, reducing overall energy usage.

InfosysGlobal Education Center2005
Various Architects
This 270-acre Corporate Campus really is a campus in the traditionals, educational sense - 12000 to 15000 Infosys employees can be trained here each year, making it the world's largest IT education center. The comples is also home to India's biggest gym and a cricket pitch that some Indian Journalists argue is the best in the Nation.

Tata Consultancy Services Campus
To be completed 2010Bombay
Designed by Tod Williams and Billies Tsien.
This office complex features eco-friendly elemnts that also imcorporate traditional India design. Seen here is an abstract, angular update of the jali, a carved sunscreen that's both decorative and functional. The campus will also feature shaded, open-air walkways for ventialtion. Buildings will be built around existing Banyan Trees to preserve the landscape.

Noida Tower
Scheduled to be Completed 2008 Noida
Designed by Hafeez Contractor.
The early renderings for this 2330 ft. Skyscraper, which will vie for the title of world's tallest, feature a conical silhouetted rather than the more traditional rectangular one. While its flamboyance has drawn criticism, the Noida Tower attempts to be establish a new syle of super tall building, differentiating it from angular paradigms.

Bandra-Worli Sealink
To be completed 2007 Bombay
Dar Consultants (India)
This set of cable-suspension bridges will span a total of 850 meters. The Sealink should cut commuting time between congested bombay and its suburbs by 40 minutes. Although not on of the world's longest, the Sealinks is still noable because it paves the way for more contermporary bridges to be built, alterin india's urban landscapes.

Wipro Technologies Development Center
Vidur Bhardwaj, Architect
Wipro's New Home in Gurgaon promises to be the largest platinum-rated green building in Asia. The design will be play on the traditional India Courtyard-house structure of the haveli. The countryad will be shaded to keep it cool, and the water pool in its center will also cool the air and thus reduce power usage.

Mall of India
Scheduled to be completed by 2007
Developed by DLF \n
The Mall of India Will Sprawl over 3.6 million sq. ft. and house stores, cafes, movie theaters, and indoor and outdoor amusement parks. While not as large as the dubai Mall, this promises to be one of the planet's largest, and the biggest in India. Its organic, rather than linear, floor plan suggests natural, undulating landscapes.

Sirsuseri Techno Park
To Be completed by 2007
Carlos Ott, Architect
This Corporate campus for Tata Consultancy Serices - Designed by Carlos Ott, the noted Uruguayan Architect of Paris's Bastille Opera - will house up to 20,000 workers. Its 12 glassy buildings rely on natural lights. the stip-like structure evokes traditional South India Temples, and the Tower will be the highest in Southern India.

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