Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Motorola Touch ZINE HD is likely fake, hearts break around the world

We knew it was too good to be true. Don't get us wrong, this new ZN300 is alright, but Motorola knows as well as we do that this isn't the device people are looking for Schaumburg to produce right now; the company's engineering talent isn't in question, but what the people want is a superphone that proves there's some design talent in the house, too. That's why this supposed Touch ZINE HD got such a strong positive reaction the past few days that we'd all held out hope that there was a shred of reality to it, but unfortunately, makes a very convincing argument that it's almost certainly poppycock: looks like our boy Yury Cassini here took the back of a ZN5, combined it with the blanked front of a E8, and -- voila! -- there's the device the Android-loving world is waiting for. In our last piece about this device, we implored to Moto that "if this isn't real, can whatever it is you're working on right this second and do precisely this instead," and as we sit here with broken hearts and shattered dreams, the advice most definitely stands.

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